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Cool Metal Roofs vs. Green Roofs

green roof

If you're looking for a green roofing option, you might be able to take that term to the literal level. Twenty-first century architects, city and urban developers, business owners and homeowners are starting to wake up to the benefits of true, green roofs, which incorporate an infrastructure that allows vegetation to be grown on the rooftop.


Metal Barndominiums: Home Sweet Barndo

metal barndominium

Living in close proximity to livestock is not a new idea by any means. For generations, humans built their barns or stables right beside or within immediate walking distance to keep the daily chore list as simple and efficient as possible. Space was also a consideration since, until the last several decades, livestock were just as prevalent in cityscapes as they were in rural ones.

Understanding Residential Building Permits

residential building permits

From new, large-scale construction projects to smaller renovations or even home improvements, you almost always need some type of building permit when making structural changes or amendments to a home.

Guide to Metal Roofing Styles

metal roofing

Not too long ago, installing a metal roof meant installing a corrugated metal roof - end of story. Ironically, while corrugated roofs are becoming popular as the result of the green building movement and the rise of metal buildings in modern design, metal roof styles have come a long way.

Hiring a Project Manager for Your Steel Building Project

steel building construction manager

Consider a bicycle wheel. If all of the spokes are of similar lengths, evenly spaced and strong in their own right, the bicycle can move smoothly and efficiently from Point A to Point Be. If any of these factors are out-of-whack, the wheel will bump and grind along, making their way unevenly down the road and possibly breaking down altogether.

How to Design, Build and Keep Your Metal Barn Secure

metal barn

Strength. Durability. Longevity: all are attributes associated with steel barns. But these attributes are only possible if the building is well-designed from start to finish.

Similar to the idea that, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link," a steel building is only as strong as the weakest foundation, fastener, roof design,     name-your-part   . Any steel building's overall design is critical to securing it season by season, year by year and decade by decade.

Challenges of Metal Building Foundation Design

steel building foundation

Pouring a concrete slab is a relatively simple step in the construction process but every building has its own foundation requirements. In the case of metal buildings, requirements are based on the type of building being constructed as well as the local environment. Building weight, soil conditions and wind uplift are all considerations when planning and designing a steel building foundation.

The Effect of UL Wind Uplift Ratings on Insurance Costs

metal roof wind uplift

The Wizard of Oz is an American Classic - both the book and the movie. It's also a wonderful example of wind uplift. During the frightening tornado, Dorothy's farmhouse is literally lifted up off the ground, like an airplane or kite, and re-deposited directly on top of the Wicked Witch of the West.


Design-Build Construction vs. General Contractors

design-build construction

Have you noticed the hyphenated "Design-Build" phrase creeping up in social media postings and other online sources? It's not a typo. What used to exist as two separate phases: design phase and construction phase are now becoming a more cohesive unit for many construction firms - in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Tips to Avoid Construction Overrun

project overrun

When a construction project runs over budget, the contractor loses his profit margin and/or may go into the red or the owner has to fork out a lot more money than originally planned. Typically, it's a combination of both.

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