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Safety Incentive Programs in the Construction Industry

construction safety incentive programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 899 fatalities in the construction industry in 2014. That is an 18.6% fatality rate compared to total workplace deaths. While there have been significant improvements in construction safety since OSHA was formed in 1971, it looks like being a construction worker is a dangerous occupation.

Increase Productivity on the Construction Jobsite

productivity on construction sites

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it: complete a series of projects where there are six or more labor crafts involved, over 150 materials are shipped, five or more subcontractors work in the same area, every project is different, and…oh,yeah, you have to get them done on time regardless of the weather.

Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry

construction worker suicide

When you think about safety in construction, you probably think about personal protective equipment and avoiding accidents and injuries. What may not come to mind is suicide prevention.

Drug and Alcohol Policies in the Construction Industry

substance abuse construction industry

As much as we wish it weren’t, substance abuse is found in every industry including construction. However, the risk to life and limb in construction is higher than many other industries. The number of accidents while working at height, using dangerous tools, and moving heavy equipment are demonstrably greater when substance abuse, whether it be alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications.

What Is Lean Construction?

lean construction

So many things can impact a construction schedule, some of them out of your control. For the things you can control, there is Lean Construction. You may have heard the term “lean” in manufacturing terms where it means reduced waste and efficient processes. Those same principles and techniques can be applied to construction for the same reasons.

Benefits of Metal Roofing: Frequently Asked Questions

metal roofing benefits

As the hail beats down from recent storms, there are a number of owners who are facing the prospect of replacing the roof on their home or business. Metal roofing is becoming a more popular choice as the word has gotten out about its durability and versatility.


Painting Steel Buildings: An Overview

painting steel buildings

While metal building panels can be coated in any color at the manufacturer, you can paint steel panels on-site as well. The owner may need to change the color for one reason or another, the paint may need refreshing, or damage needs to be repaired.

Maintaining Your Metal Building

metal building maintenance

Metal buildings are low maintenance; they truly are. But that doesn’t mean zero maintenance; they need a little TLC every so often.

4 Benefits of Steel Buildings in Flood Zones

steel buildings flood zone

Texas has certainly been blessed with rain the past couple of years - a bit too much perhaps. Flooding has been a problem, not just here but in many parts of the United States. Once the waters have receded, the real damage can be seen.

Subcontractor Bonding: How It Can Save Your Contracting Business

subcontractor bonding

Surety bond companies paid out over $7B in losses since 1985 despite prequalifying those who were bonded. Without the surety, the prime contractors would have been on the hook for this entire amount. Depending on the amount, some contractors would probably have failed, and the owner would then have to pay up.

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