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Purchasing Construction Software for Your Construction Business

construction software

Is it time to look into new software for your construction business? There is a wide variety of applications out there with different ways of accessing the software and more features than you can shake a stick at.

How to Improve Communication Failures on the Construction Jobsite


What is the worst that can happen if miscommunication on a construction jobsite occurs? Pretty bad, huh? Construction safety is all about lowering risk; it’s the first line of defense against injuries, fatalities, and poor construction outcomes.

Construction Contractors: Tax Mistakes to Avoid

construction contractor tax mistakes

Taxes are tricky, aren’t they? Most of us understand the basics of our personal income tax returns, but business taxes add more complexity to an already stressful activity.

When people make mistakes, it is often in the direction of being too conservative in taking tax credits and deductions. Other times, the error is in how a company or employee is classified.

GALVALUME® Wall Panels for Metal Buildings - What You Need to Know

galvanized metal panels


GALVALUME® wall panels provide a durable exterior to any building or residence. Calling them coated steel panels doesn’t do them justice. The material is much more than galvanized steel.

How to Use GALVALUME® for Your Metal Roof

galvanized metal roof

One of the best features of a metal roof is its durability. Making a good thing even better is GALVALUME®.


Video Marketing for Your Construction Company

video marketing for construction

Whether it is because people have short attention spans or simply engage more readily with moving images, video has become a marketing force of its own. If you haven’t included video in your marketing strategy, now is the time to start.

Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry: Part 2

virtual reality for construction

In part 1, we talked about the benefits of virtual reality technology in the construction industry. In part 2, we will take up some of the products already available to bring virtual reality to your office or jobsite.

Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry: Part 1

virtual reality for construction

Do you see virtual reality as a technology only suitable for gaming or the Star Trek holodeck?  VR is getting ready to move decisively into the architectural design and construction industry. When you think about it, construction may be the most practical use for virtual reality.

The Benefits of Construction Management Services

construction manager

There are millions of details to keep track of during a construction project and it seems like they multiply by the minute. There is planning, scheduling, and delivery to take care of; you need to give the owner regular progress updates; and you have to make sure all your contractors and subs are carrying the appropriate insurance while bidding new work for your pipeline.

How to Safely Haul Heavy Construction Equipment

construction equipment transport

Roadside inspections found over 40,000 violations of load securement in 2015. If these had been failures, think of how much life and property could have been lost.

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