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What Is a Downspout and What Does It Do?

metal buildings downspout

It's raining, it's pouring..., and - if you've designed your building well - all that pouring rain is being directed off of your metal roof and away from your building into an efficiently designed drainage system. This system is comprised of multiple components, including waterproof or watershedding roofing materials, adequate gutters and downspouts. The latter component, the downspouts, are vertical attachments to the gutter that transport water from the gutters, down and away from the building's foundation and into your site's drainage system.

Why Are Building Codes Important?

building codes

Building codes can feel like the bane of a contractor's existence. They require plan submissions, meetings with building officials at local building and planning department(s), not to mention the string of inspections that occur throughout the construction process. Your local building inspector will become a regular feature at your construction site, beginning when you break ground and pour your foundation until your building is "finaled" and the last permit card is signed off.


3 Reasons Your Steel Building Needs Gutters

steel buildings gutters

Sometimes, the most important features of a building's design are in the small details. This is certainly the case when it comes to gutters and downspouts on your steel building. Gutters are an essential component for diverting rainwater, snow melt and heavy condensation from your roof and directing it elsewhere.

Construction Safety Tips for Rainy Spring Weather

rainy construction tips

Spring can be one of the trickiest months for those of us in the steel buildings and construction industry. While some parts of the country are bathed in sunshine and record-breaking heat waves, others continue to be buried under piles of snow and ice. In the middle of that, snow melt and rainstorms create slick, slippery and dangerous working conditions for workers and other personnel who have access to the job site.

Can You Restore a Metal Roof?

restoring a metal roof

It's all well and good to read about how durable metal roofs are, but who cares about that when your metal roof resembles a piece of uncoated sheet metal exposed to one too many rains? Whether you've recently purchased a building that needs metal roof repairs, your own metal roof is at the end of its average 25-year lifespan or you're learning a harsh lesson about the value of purchasing high-quality metal building products the first time around, we're here to tell you that all can be restored.


4 Ways to Promote Your Construction Projects

promoting your steel buildings

Promoting your construction company is a key to branding and getting prospective new clients into your social media circles or through the front door. Don't forget, however, that completed projects are your greatest promotional tools. While descriptions of your company, its experience level and its business approach are important, your projects are the most tried-and-true expressions of who you are and what you are capable of.

Door Designs for Metal Buildings

door designs steel buildings

The type of door you select for your metal building depends on what you’re using it for. You need to take into account the number of people and size of the items going in and out, what the environmental conditions are like in your region, and even the aesthetics of the door itself.

The Top Places to Get Your Construction News Fix

construction news

Remember how technology was supposed to make things easier and faster? Well, the good news is: it has. The bad news is that we are now supposed to do even more in the span of a single workday. This can make it difficult for construction company owners, managers and vendors to stay on top of the news that affects the industry.

Whirlwind Steel Nominated for Best Construction Blog 2015!

BLOG e1422177306552

We're happy to announce that the Whirlwind Steel blog is one of the nominees for Construction Marketing Idea's Best Construction Blog Competition. 

What Will a Steel Buildings Inspector Look For?

steel building inspector

Unless you are building a small storage shed (and sometimes even then!), odds are your steel building will need to be inspected in various stages to ensure the building complies with local, state and federal building and safety regulations. Failure to observe these inspections are costly, to say the last.

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