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Steel Construction versus Concrete

steel versus concrete construction

You often hear of building with concrete and steel, but what about concrete or steel? Whoa, you can make a choice? Sure. But how do they stack up against each other as building materials for the 21st century?

Sustainability: Benefits of Building With Steel

sustainability steel construction

Who says it isn’t easy being green? The steel industry has made being a green builder nearly effortless. Sustainability, that term you hear so much these days, is one of the hallmarks of steel construction. Steel is the only material used in construction today that can be 100% recycled and re-used. You can’t say that about anything else.

Building With Steel: Speed of Construction

steel fastest building material

You say it, your client says it, and the bank says it: time is money. A project that can be completed more quickly saves labor expenses, not just for erectors but all other trades, and provides earlier opportunities to recoup the investment.

Steel Construction: Understanding the Impact of Vibration

steel construction vibrations

Vibration happens and steel is the lightest and most economical material you can use to construct a building to the tightest vibration specs. In fact, a typical steel office building doesn’t even require modification to meet most vibration requirements.

Generate Leads for Your Construction Company with Google AdWords

google adwords construction company

It is safe to say that most people now use a search engine, such as Google, to find products and services. To remain competitive, you need to be where they can find you – online. Not just with your website; you need to be visible elsewhere online to drive traffic to your website.

Safety on the Construction Site: Tips for Preventing Falls

prevent construction falls

Falls are the most common accidents on a construction jobsite, implicated in one-third of all industry deaths. You have people working on roofs, scaffolding, ladders, lifts, and elevated structures. Even the least of these types of accidents, slipping and tripping, can slow down a project. 

Waterproofing Metal Buildings: The Pros and Cons of Sealant Systems

waterproofing metal building

Steel is great construction material but one thing it doesn’t do on its own is keep out moisture. Moisture leads to mold, rot, and other unpleasant problems that can shorten the useful life of a building. The trick is to know what type of weatherproofing sealant to use in specific areas.

Metal Building Contractors and Erectors: Differentiate Yourself with IAS AC478 Accreditation for Assemblers

metal building assemblers accreditation

Metal building manufacturers prefer metal building assemblers that maintain an IAS AC478 accredited inspection program. Why? Because it indicates that the assembler, be it business, contractor, or individual, believes in quality workmanship and safety.


Factors Determining the Accuracy of Steel Fabrication

steel building fabrication

The idea of constructing a prefabricated steel building could sound like an industrial version of buying at IKEA. Once the parts are on the job site, will you have problems putting it together? After all, this is a large complex product that is created off site, shipped to the site in pieces that must fit with each other and fit embedded items in the foundation or match up with an existing structure. You can’t eliminate variation in a product with so many makers and moving parts.

Steel: The Safest Building Material

steel building material

Construction is considered one of the most hazardous professions. Anything that can increase safety and mitigate hazards is very welcome. Besides the usual methods of keeping workers safe, have you ever considered that the material you work with can make a difference?

Using steel for your next building project can reduce hazards and provide a safe work environment in a number of ways.

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