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Government Minority Hiring Compliance for Contractors

minority hiring for contractors

 Compliance with minority hiring and affirmative action when dealing with government contracts is just as important as complying with safety requirements. As a contractor, you need to be up to date on minority hiring practices required by the federal government, even if you don’t generally seek those contracts. As government expands, it will more likely impact a project you bid for.


Should You Add a Sprinkler System to Your Metal Building?

metal building sprinkler system

 Metal buildings are fire-proof, right? So having a sprinkler system as well may seem like a “suspenders and belt” approach. However, there are quite a few benefits to installing a sprinkler system that more than make up for the time and expense.

Metal Building Contractors: What You Need to Know about Fire Codes

metal building fire codes

One of the many advantages of steel building systems is the high fire safety rating. Steel can be the difference between loss of life and property, and survival to rebuild. This is why insurers can afford to provide discounted premiums that can help offset some of the up-front costs of building with steel.

Construction Technology: Three Tools for the Construction Industry

construction technology

What could be more fun than learning about some of the great gadgets available on the market to make construction go more smoothly? Technology specific to the industry is becoming more and more available as vendors begin specializing in tech specifically for construction.


Building Information Modeling, or BIM: Benefits for Contractors

building information modeling

It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway: the top three performance indicators in construction are cost, time, and productivity. Anything that can save time and minimize construction costs while improving productivity is a tool you need in your toolbox.

Are Indirect Construction Costs Cutting into Your Budget?

indirect construction costs

Construction is big business, and the line under observation is the bottom line. Increasing revenue and decreasing construction costs are what it’s all about. Before you get to the bottom line, however, you need to fill in all the lines above it with detailed information about where the money came from and where it went.


Estimating Construction Costs - What Factors Should You Consider?

construction business cost

Coming up with an estimate for a construction project often seems to include everything (even the kitchen sink). As well it should since a number of factors can impact that estimate. Plus, the estimate will have its own impact, including whether you get the job and whether you make money on it if you win the bid for the project.


Earthquakes: How Do Steel Buildings Hold up against Them?

earthquake steel buildings

Here is a tale of two earthquakes that happened 110 years apart.

One occurred this past April in Ecuador. The initial damage estimate included 370 buildings destroyed, and 151 more buildings and 26 schools were damaged. provided a quote from a resident, Juan Fernando Rojas, "We have buildings at three to four stories high just, you know, pancake effect, and they are all in the basement now."

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging in the Construction Industry

thermal imaging for construction

Thermal imaging, or the use of infrared cameras, is technology that is really coming into its own in construction. You can purchase a thermal imaging camera for your own use, or you can contract out to someone who offers thermal imaging services.

Cybersecurity for Contractors: Protect Your Construction Data

cybersecurity for contractors

As handy as all these digital gadgets are for your contracting business, there is one area that, without your strict attention, could cost you a lot of money as well as your reputation. We are talking about cybersecurity. As easy as it is for you to use these devices, hackers, and other bad actors can just as easily break into your systems.

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