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The Benefits of Shooting Construction Video

jobsite video

Are you shooting construction video footage of your current projects? If not, you're missing out on an opportunity - several opportunities, really - to promote your products and services, to capture footage and evidence in real time and an chance for safety managers and crew to get a good look at what really happens in the field.

Planning a Self-Storage Unit: What You Should Know

Self Storage

The key to designing, building and running any successful business depends on the forethought and planning that commence long before a business ever opens its doors. Steel self-Storage parks are no exception.

Turn Your Metal Building Into a Living Space

2015 04 14 1701

Metal buildings aren't designed solely for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. Quite the contrary; the residential sector is quickly adopting steel frames and pre-fabricated metal buildings to produce affordable, weather-resistant, seismic-sturdy and sustainable homes. However, we've also noticed an increase in queries regarding retrofitting existing metal buildings so they can be made into a livable space. The reasons for doing so are vast.

Can a Steel Building Be a Tax Break?

50 x 50 x 14 6

Not only can your steel building be a tax break, there are specific accessories, heating and cooling systems and energy systems that can also become tax breaks if you play your cards right. Both home and business owners can benefit from steel building tax breaks but it's always important to have a clear understanding of the tax laws.


Can Google Plus Help My Construction Firm Get Leads?

seo manufacturing

Is your company hedging on whether or not to set up a Google+ account? We'll be honest; we understand your reluctance to set up yet another social media platform, especially one that requires you to press Shift and the + sign in order to type it in marketing material and web content. But, the reality is Google+ does, indeed, matter when it comes to getting qualified leads to your website, blogs and especially your brick-and-mortar storefront or office.

4 Construction Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading!

blog design

While professional marketing companies have a lot to offer - namely the relief you'll experience not having to spend hours of your own time researching, producing and posting website and social media content - they can also cost a pretty penny or two. Small- to medium-sized construction companies may not have those two pennies available in the budget, which means DIY marketing is the only option. That's where construction-specific marketing blogs can come in handy.

Creating Climate Controlled Steel Buildings

climate control steel buildings

Planning to build a new metal storage unit? Thinking about upgrading the one you own now, or adding new climate controlled units to your existing storage park? Either way, you will want to add climate controlled buildings to your game plan.

What is SEO and How Can it Help My Construction Company?

creative seo for it companies

Construction is an interesting business niche, often involving talented men and women who spend 90 percent of their working hours outside, and the other 10 percent begrudgingly attending to paperwork and financial responsibilities that have to get done. Is this the case for you?

Maintaining Your Steel Buildings: What You Need to Know!


Don't confuse low-maintenance with no-maintenance. Yes, steel and metal buildings boast longevity and durability that exceeds most other building options, but they still require a little TLC to keep them looking and functioning their best.


Snow Loads and Metal Buildings: What You Should Know

Depositphotos 3631833 xs

Can steel buildings handle snow and ice loads where I live? Yes, steel buildings can handle snow loads and, depending on your building's framing and roofing systems and the quality of the materials used, your metal building will be able to handle higher snow loads than its traditionally-framed counterparts.

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