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Keeping Safe when Offloading Construction Materials

offload construction materials

Safety First! should be the motto for every construction company - and it typically is. Has a designated individual - the "competent person" who attends OSHA safety seminars and the occasional niche-related safety training. Your company probably holds Friday morning tailgate safety meetings and (hopefully) conducts semi-annual safety inspections, noting areas that need improvement.

Will a Steel Building Outlast Hurricane Season?

steel building hurricane resized 600

Hurricanes are not unusual when you live in the path of tropical storm patterns. However, elevating climatic temperatures are making them more common - and more disastrous - than ever.


4 Tips for Saving Time on Your Jobsite

save time on jobsite

Time really is money, but it's also so much more than that. Wasting time can be a sign of a poor company morale, it will delay a project's progress - which can negatively affect your reputation in the industry - as well as your company's brand. Uncovering new ways to a more streamlined jobsite increases profits and helps to keep your projects on track.

4 Reasons Steel Buildings Work for Car Dealerships

steel car dealership

Car dealerships are some of the most unique commercial buildings to design. Unlike the typical brick-and-mortar store, they require a more demanding set of requirements. The building needs to be large enough to drive cars in and out of the building to be attractively displayed - the less obstructions the better so customers can enjoy a free flowing access around the vehicles and a view of the entire showroom without cumbersome structural beams in the way.

Preparing a Steel Building Budget

steel building budget

Preparing your steel building budget requires more than a quote from a steel building manufacturer. In most cases, those quotes only account for the design, relevant drawings and actual building materials. However, there is a lot more included in building and finishing a complete steel building project. You have permitting fees to consider, the costs for excavating the site and pouring the foundation, building accessories, interior trim pieces, and so on.


7 Ways to Make Your Steel Building Greener - Now !

energy efficient steel building

Did you pass up options to make your steel building greener during the design phase in an effort to slash your budget? Are you living or working in a steel building that could use a little eco-friendly updating? The good news is, you haven't missed the boat. There are still plenty of options for making your steel building greener - right now! Many features that make a new steel building sustainable can be added after-market.

The Signs of a Perfect Building Site

site planning

If you've already purchased a piece of land, your next job is to select the best site location for your building. If you are still searching for the right piece of property, now is the time to carefully evaluate which features are most important to you. Selecting a piece of property on site alone is somewhat like choosing a book by its cover - you have a good indication of what you are going to get, but you never know exactly what's inside.

Why Coating Your Metal Building is a Necessary Step

galvanized steel coating resized 600

Even the strongest of humans have their own version of Kryptonite, and the strongest of building materials does as well. In the world of steel and metal buildings, that Kryptonite is called corrosion. Most people choose to build with steel because of its celebrated durability and longevity, not to mention affordability. However, all of these attributes are compromised when steel products become corroded.

Recycling Construction Waste: What to Do!

construction waste recycling

One of the top priorities of the modern construction site is to create the least amount of waste possible - easier said than done, right? Fortunately, with sustainable building tenets at the forefront of industry leaders' minds, there are plenty of resources to get your waste off the construction site, without contributing unnecessarily to overburdened landfills.


My Steel Building Needs Repairs - Now What?

metal building repair

The good news: Steel buildings are ultra-durable and can last decades (50 or more!) with a moderate amount of annual maintenance required.

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