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Can Metal Buildings Be Easily Expanded?

expanding your metal building

Can metal buildings be easily expanded? You might as well ask if the sky is blue. Of course they can. But what makes it so easy? Advance planning can make it that way and, well, it’s just one of the great things about steel buildings.

Explaining the Wear and Tear of Metal Buildings – And Easy Fixes For It!

metal building wear and tear

If you love repairing buildings, don’t build them with steel. Metal buildings are the lowest maintenance structures you can buy. But it isn’t totally maintenance free. Metal can become damaged and require patching, sealing, or other care to ensure long life.

Finding The Next Generation of Manufacturing Talent

hiring manufacturing talent

According to Strategy&, "...manufacturers are getting caught in a talent squeeze. In mature economies, finding sufficient skilled talent has become something like searching for a needle in a haystack, and in emerging economies the pools of qualified talent are increasingly shallow and cost-prohibitive."

4 Steps to Preparing Your Metal Barn for Winter

metal barns winter

We haven't even set the clocks back yet but the days are noticeably shorter. That means winter is on its way and its time to get your metal barns and livestock buildings ready for winter. Early fall is the season for checking and double checking your barns, feed and water supplies and fencing to make sure it's ready for freezing temperatures and prolonged storms. There's nothing worse than trying to mend fences in the heart of a storm or learning you have an electrical short when you're trying to defrost the water troughs.

The Height Advantage of Steel Buildings

height of steel buildings

If it wasn’t for steel there wouldn’t be skyscrapers or other high rise buildings. Brick and masonry can only hold so much weight before failing. Add in the human limitations on climbing stairs and your building realistically would be limited to about 5 or 6 stories.

How do Steel Buildings Affect the Environment?

steel buildings and the environment

Whether you are concerned about climate change or not it’s on a lot of minds these days. Owners may be shooting for a LEED rating or simply want to know what impact a steel building has on the environment. Building with steel means building for flexibility and durability. Plus a high percentage of steel is recycled every year.

Can Steel Buildings Get Mold?

steel building mold

While Texas looks on a bit enviously, much of the United States is seeing a little more moisture than it wants to. Flooding, rain, high humidity, and stormy weather can take their toll on any structure. Mold dearly loves moisture and can cause no end of trouble if it isn’t prevented.

Metal Roofs and Gutters: Preparing for Winter

metal roofs winter

As summer shifts to autumn, it's time to think about weatherizing your property and its structures. Among other things, this means ensuring your metal buildings are equipped with the metal roofs and gutters that will direct water down and away from your building. While steel and metal buildings are impermeable to most pests, can handle incredibly high wind loads and are extremely fire resistant, moisture is their worst enemy.


Manufacturing in the Digital Age: Keeping Your Cyber Files Safe

manufacturing in the digital age

One of the biggest threats to the modern construction industry isn't the volatile real estate market or an unexpected natural disaster. Rather, it's the risk of a data security breach at the hands of cyber thieves. These cyber attacks cause more than a major inconvenience for small businesses, they can cause you to be liable for the more disastrous fallout that transpires when sensitive employee and/or client information is made available to nefarious minds.

The Top 5 Architectural Legends Who Shaped the US

the white house architecture

The following giants of American architecture were selected for their important contribution and long-lasting influence on early architecture of the United States.

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