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Soundproofing Your Metal Building

sound proofing steel buildings

Does your customer need a soundproofed garage for his kid who’s learning drums? Or maybe you have a client who needs a workshop for her band-saw, lathe, and other noisy tools. Possibly your customer is putting up a small metal building for manufacturing that needs to meet local noise ordinances.

Trim Options for Your Steel Buildings

Colorful Trim

Your trim options play two roles for your metal building. On the surface (literally and figuratively) they provide a tidier and more attractive aesthetic from the outside, and functionally the right trim pieces help your building to better weather the elements, protecting its components from the destructive forces of wind, rain, moisture, etc.

Creating Your First Construction Newsletter

writer's block

There are several ways to build a customer base and to entice existing customers to hire you for new projects, but digital marketing is one of the most powerful. In an era when people live connected to their smartphones and gadgets, sending the right message at the right time can make a big difference in terms of your company's branding as well as the actual dollars you bring in each year.

How to Improve Acoustics in Your Metal Building

acoustics in metal buildings

Acoustics, the science of sound transmission, is not a difficult subject if you think of sound as a spherical wave that emanates outward from the source rather like a 3D dart target. You can imagine the waves as they radiate outward until they hit an object and, with a little knowledge of physics, how that wave will be impacted by specific materials.

Tools to Enhance Your Jobsite Photography

Brake Check 2920

Whether you are using photography for marketing purposes or to document progress, there are a number of tools to help you enhance your photographic output so it looks its best and you can easily share it with others.

What Are Modular Buildings?

what is a modular building

The words "modular building" can conjure up images of trailers or pre-fabricated buildings that lack the structural solidity and finesse of a custom-built counterpart. In fact, the term "modular" simply refers to the fact that the building is prefabricated, delivered to the building site in components that are easily assembled and that it can be more readily added onto if needed. What is now a single-story, one-wing modular building can efficiently become multiple stories, two-winged or simply extended depending on your original design.

3 Marketing Resolutions Contractors Should Make in 2015

construction resolutions

2014 is on its way to becoming auld lang syne. Time to make a few resolutions and this time, dad-gum-it, you will keep them. Especially the three in this post because they have everything to do with building your business and attracting customers in the New Year.


Three Steps to Cooling Down Your Metal Building


It might be winter but that shouldn’t keep you from thinking about staving off the heat of a typical Texas summer which always comes before you know it. You may think that a metal building will always be an overheated tin can in the sun but today’s materials and knowledge can help you keep your metal building cool throughout the worst old Sol can throw at it.


Setting 2015 Goals for Your Construction Business

construction goals

What is a new year without resolutions and new goals? Goals give you purpose, something to shoot for. If you don’t set goals then you will end the year in the same spot you are now, having gotten no further down the road to success.

Drones and Construction: What You Should Know

drones and construction

Since drones hit the skies, they’ve offered multiple applications for the construction industry. An unmanned aircraft (or UA) hovering above a jobsite can provide owners and supervisors with valuable mapping, as well as a snapshot of progress and potential safety hazards. But the legality of drone usage has been widely misunderstood, and a hand-down of official regulations has proved equally elusive. 

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