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Maintaining Your Steel Buildings: What You Need to Know!


Don't confuse low-maintenance with no-maintenance. Yes, steel and metal buildings boast longevity and durability that exceeds most other building options, but they still require a little TLC to keep them looking and functioning their best.


Snow Loads and Metal Buildings: What You Should Know

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Can steel buildings handle snow and ice loads where I live? Yes, steel buildings can handle snow loads and, depending on your building's framing and roofing systems and the quality of the materials used, your metal building will be able to handle higher snow loads than its traditionally-framed counterparts.

Why Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Breweries

metal building brewery

You are in the business of brewing delicious craft brews for your customers. Most likely, the design and build process required to house those brews-in-progress is a big, fat mystery. Fortunately, we're here to straighten you out.

How Big Can Metal Buildings Be?

DrilQuip Inside

Metal buildings can be about as big as you want them to be. Consider that the majority of the world's tallest and largest buildings are typically framed with steel and use a fair number of metal components in order to sustain the load requirements and keep the buildings as maintenance free as possible.

Determining Qualified Construction Leads (And Where to Find Them!)

steel construction leads

Your new or re-designed website is up and running, your company is working social media channels like there's no tomorrow, and you've even set up special offers for existing clients that will give them discounts on future work in exchange for sending referrals your way. That's all great, but now the question becomes: what do you do with all the leads that pour in, and how do distinguish qualified leads from those who are simply sniffing around?

Financing Options for My Metal Building

financing steel buidlings

While there's quite a bit of information out there regarding traditional home loans and mortgage options, it's not as easy to find information regarding new construction loans. Construction loans are a different beast from their traditional mortgage counterparts. This is because, with a traditional home loan, the existing home is the bank's collateral; you skip out on the loan and the bank has something they can resell at a (they hope) profit.

Is GALVALUME® Coating the Right Choice for My Steel Building?

describe the image

If you are researching steel and metal building construction, then you know moisture is your building's worst enemy. While steel and metal buildings are known for withstanding high winds, fires, pests and other typical downfalls of traditionally constructed building, the steel components must be protected from moisture in order for your building to live up to its anticipated reputation.

What Is a Downspout and What Does It Do?

metal buildings downspout

It's raining, it's pouring..., and - if you've designed your building well - all that pouring rain is being directed off of your metal roof and away from your building into an efficiently designed drainage system. This system is comprised of multiple components, including waterproof or watershedding roofing materials, adequate gutters and downspouts. The latter component, the downspouts, are vertical attachments to the gutter that transport water from the gutters, down and away from the building's foundation and into your site's drainage system.

Why Are Building Codes Important?

building codes

Building codes can feel like the bane of a contractor's existence. They require plan submissions, meetings with building officials at local building and planning department(s), not to mention the string of inspections that occur throughout the construction process. Your local building inspector will become a regular feature at your construction site, beginning when you break ground and pour your foundation until your building is "finaled" and the last permit card is signed off.


3 Reasons Your Steel Building Needs Gutters

steel buildings gutters

Sometimes, the most important features of a building's design are in the small details. This is certainly the case when it comes to gutters and downspouts on your steel building. Gutters are an essential component for diverting rainwater, snow melt and heavy condensation from your roof and directing it elsewhere.

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