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Exploring Acoustics in Metal Buildings

metal building acoustics

Too much sound can damage hearing, disrupt concentration, and diminish innovation. Conversation is difficult and working in a noisy environment is fatiguing. On the other hand, there are certain times when sound must carry clearly, as in a theater or lecture hall. This all comes under the heading of acoustics.

Construction Managers: LinkedIn Best Practices

linkedin strategies

LinkedIn is the premier social network for professionals and businesses. Many use the site to look for job opportunities, check out an individual’s profile, and promote their business. As a construction manager you need to do all three. For businesses and individuals a LinkedIn profile has become a necessary part of doing business.

5 Myths About Metal Roofing

metal roofing myths

There are some myths about metal roofing that have been floating around nigh onto forever. Bet you’ve heard at least some of these. When your clients bring them up, here is some facts to counter with.

Safety First: Noise Levels on Construction Sites

Depositphotos 11976814 m

What might be the first thing people think about when they see a construction site? Probably the amount of noise they will have to endure until the whole project is over. And that’s just the ones who are on the outside. The workers on the inside probably take the noise in stride but may not realize how their hearing may be affected.

Color Options for Your Next Metal Building

Depositphotos 13237228 m

Do you know how many color options you have for your new metal building? Between panels with factory coatings in a variety of shades and hues, and a wide range of paint colors specifically for metal buildings, you can have nearly any color you want.

Fire-proofing Your Metal School: An Essential Step

fire proofing a metal school

Few events are worse than that of a fire in a school full of children. Nobody sets out to build a school that will suffer devastating damage and loss of life but misunderstandings about standards, proper fireproofing, and how steel structures behave in high thermal situations can lead to painfully learned lessons.

Summer Cleaning Tips for Your Steel Storage Shed

cleaning your steel buildings

If you skipped spring cleaning your steel storage shed, it’s not too late. It’s just warmer. And you know in your heart of hearts that your storage shed has become a black hole for all your outdoor stuff. When’s the last time you saw the back wall?

Residential Steel Buildings: What You Need to Know

residential steel buildings

The words steel or metal building often yield images of large commercial or agricultural buildings. Perhaps a skyscraper or Quonset hut even come to mind. Rarely is the average homeowner thinking about a steel or metal dream home - yet! We say "yet" because after more than a half century in the business, we notice ever-increasing numbers of residential building designs coming through our sales department.

The Keys to Giving Your Steel Building a Facelift

steel building facelift

Just as humans can add or remove clothing to change our appearance, or to respond to environmental or weather conditions, steel buildings can have new facades or entire shells added to their existing structure in order to meet the needs of inhabitants, owners, designers, etc. A building's exterior envelope is one of the determining factors in its overall longevity, durability and energy efficiency so the right retrofit can end up saving you thousands or millions of dollars - depending on the size of the structure - over the course of the building's lifetime.

Will Project Management Systems Work for My Architecture Business?

architecture project management

Making the switch from "Your Way" to a project management system can be a big leap for any professional business, but it's especially difficult for those in industries where detail- and control-oriented individuals are at the helm. Ahem! Like, say, an architectural firm.

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