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7 Top Construction Apps Every Professional Should Download

top contractor apps

Smartphones and tablets may be the best inventions since sliced bread. Smartphones, in particular, have become not only ubiquitous but nearly an appendage. Why not load yours up with the best apps to help you do your job in the field where you spend the majority of your time?

Can Blogging Work for Construction Companies?

benefits of construction blogging

Can blogging work for construction companies? The short answer is, “Yes, yes it can.”

Getting Started in Construction: What You Need to Know

getting started in construction

If you like working outdoors and don’t mind manual labor, a job in construction may be just the thing. With the economy starting to pick up projects will be coming online that need all types of construction employees from laborers to engineers.

What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

standing seam metal roofing

You have probably seen standing seam roofs in commercial, residential, and industrial areas and the reason they are called standing seam is pretty obvious when you look at them. However, you may have wondered why they were used and how they were constructed.


Make It Unbreakable: Securing Your Steel Self-Storage Unit

metal storage units

Whether you own a facility or are just renting space, security should be your top priority for your self-storage unit. Everything gets stored here from business inventory to that ugly lamp Aunt Ethel gave you for Christmas. Well, maybe you hope for NO security on the latter.

3 Reasons to Build a New Metal Garage

metal garages

Modern garages are a far cry from their recent ancestors. Where once the garage served as storage for the car and perhaps a few tools or boxes, the modern garage houses multiple vehicles and toys. It may be a space for a wood working shop or include a section or corner that serves as man cave. For some families, the garage is the place where equipment, stock and supplies are stored for a home business. For these reasons, it makes sense to take the design of your new garage seriously.

5 Things That Affect the Price of Steel

price of steel

Steel is a manufactured material that is subject to any number of events that can influence the price from day to day, like any other commodity. Everything from the cost of the raw materials to how much fuel costs has a direct impact on the price of the final product.


Keeping Your House Cool with a Metal Roof

describe the image

Is it time for your roof to be replaced? Are you making energy efficient modifications to your home or planning to build a new construction project that qualifies as a green home? If so, consider the benefits of metal roofing. Metal roofs are not only affordable and extremely durable, they can also be modified to provide reflective properties that keep your house considerably cooler in the summer months. With proper installation and ventilation, homeowners with metal roofs can save as much as 15% to 25% on summer cooling costs, depending on a building's construction.


Constructing Complex Metal Buildings: Putting the Puzzle Together

complex building projects

In the construction world, architectural complexity and artistic design embellishments often translate to costly building practices that are a challenge to engineer, tricky to construct and require a lifetime of unreasonable maintenance. But don't let this information deplete your enthusiasm; steel and metal building construction opens a world of complex design and build possibility, none of which are feasible with traditional wood and masonry construction.

Are Steel Buildings Immune to Termites?

termites and steel buildings

When you think about costly damage to a building, your thoughts probably turn to major natural disasters like floods, storms or fires. So it may surprise you to learn that termites - often referred to as "the silent destroyer"- cause more structural damage each year than floods, storms and fires combined. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that termite damage accounts for roughly $5 billion dollars worth of damage in the United States alone.

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