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4 Tips to Make Your Construction Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

construction brand

One of the secrets to any business's success is for its brand, products and services to stand out from the crowd. This is no easy feat and can require quite a bit of ingenuity on the part of a marketing team or sales staff to come up with the logo, graphics, messages, and services that get to the heart of your target market's needs.

Are Metal Roofs Wind Resistant?


The answer to whether or not metal roofs are wind resistant is like one of those age-old logic problems involving If/Then statements because, while not all metal roofs are wind resistant, the most wind-resistant roofs are made out of metal. In other words, if you design your roof to withstand the wind forces, aka wind uplift ratings, predicted in your geographic location, odds are you'll enjoy a relatively maintenance-free roof for decades to come.


5 Benefits of a Reflective Roof


Many contractors and homeowners are unaware of the vital role roofs play in terms of energy efficiency. While much is written on the importance of a tightly sealed home and adequate insulation, much of the solar heat gain a home absorbs is directly related to its roof. Traditional roofs are typically made using darker colors and/or from materials that absorb solar radiation - think asphalt shingles and tiles. Reflective roofs, however, use specialized coatings that reflect the sun's UV rays back into the atmosphere, significantly reducing solar heat gain.


Getting Your Construction Crew to Work More Efficiently

construction worker

Faster, faster, faster! The world keeps moving faster and yet, in the construction industry, we are still beholden to natural laws of gravity, momentum and velocity. We are vulnerable to Mother Nature's patterns as well as natural disasters or unexpected superstorm-worthy events. Finally, there is the reality of the imperfect human. All in all, the sum of these parts make it a challenge to come up with a realistic project timeline and bid dollar amounts low enough to get the job but high enough that you can complete the job in the black.

Standing Out at Construction Conferences - What You Should Know

construction conference

Trade shows and conferences are a great way to network and expose your company to a new target audience. It's a place where you can increase your list of qualified leads, launch new products or services and cultivate more personal relationships with some of the vendors and distributors you work with on a regular basis. Plus, in an era when business communication is largely digitized, construction trade shows and conferences are the place you can enjoy some good ol' fashioned face time.

Keeping Your Construction Equipment Cool during Summer

construction equipment

Extreme temperatures are always a concern for contractors and construction work sites. With summer gearing up, it's time to think about the ways sunshine and heat affect the way you do business. Typically, we focus on health and safety issues pertaining to your workers' well-being. 

Your Guide to Corrugated Metal Roofing

corrugated metal roof panels

Not too long ago, corrugated roofing was the stuff of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. If we said the words, "Ever thought about metal roofing...." to residential clients, more often than not, they turned up their noses and replied something like, "...aren't those for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings?"

Can I Design My Own Metal Building?

metal building design

We've noticed an awful lot of consumers are interested in metal buildings but are wary of the idea that the plans are "pre-engineered," believing this will lock them in to a narrower building design selection. This is not the case. While it's true that some metal building manufacturers offer a range of building designs to simplify things for the savvy consumer, each of these designs still has to be custom engineered for your particular location.

10 Benefits of Galvanized Steel Coatings for Your Metal Building Project

galvanized steel building

Typically, the largest threat to a steel framed building is moisture. Steel and metal buildings are impervious to pest damage, can withstand considerable wind force and snow loads when engineered correctly and are fire resistant as well. However, if not coated and sealed correctly, moisture damage will cause rust and corrosion, which eventually compromises a building's integrity. Thus, protective coatings are essential to enjoying the durability, longevity and low-maintenance benefits for while steel and metal buildings are known.

Steel Self-Storage Options: What's Best for Your Business?

steel self-storage

Self-storage businesses can be incredibly profitable when designed, built and managed effectively. In fact, once storage units are complete, the bulk of the work is done. The key is to design and construct buildings that are affordable, durable and require a minimal amount of maintenance while simultaneously providing customers with peace of mind that their possessions are secure from theft, fire and the elements.

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