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Steel Self-Storage Options: What's Best for Your Business?

steel self-storage

Self-storage businesses can be incredibly profitable when designed, built and managed effectively. In fact, once storage units are complete, the bulk of the work is done. The key is to design and construct buildings that are affordable, durable and require a minimal amount of maintenance while simultaneously providing customers with peace of mind that their possessions are secure from theft, fire and the elements.

4 Ways Steel Can Spruce Up Your House Exterior

metal roof

It's no mystery that curb appeal increases your home's resale value or - at the very least - will increase the speed of your home sale. But looking outside of the financial benefits, sprucing up your home's exterior is good for you. Driving in or walking up to an attractive home and property is a positive experience. It makes you feel proud of where you live and the work you've done to accomplish it.

Preventing Construction Theft: Tips for Contractors

construction job site

Construction job site theft: at first, you may not notice the little things that walk away from your site here and there. However, once perpetrators of the theft - often comprising names from your company's payroll (we're sorry to say) - figure out nobody's watching, larger quantities and higher-dollar items may disappear as well. According to figures from entities like the National Association of Home Builders and the LoJack Corporation, construction theft accounts for as much as $1 billion dollars worth of losses each year.


Understanding Construction Labor Laws

construction law

Is your construction complying with federal, state and local labor laws? The rigors of doing day-to-day business in order to meet client demand inevitably becomes the focus of any construction firm, regardless of how much they desire to maintain an "employee first" attitude. Thus, it's easy to slip on one or more of the 180 federal laws administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Will Steel Work to Rebuild a House Damaged by Fire?

steel frame house

Have you recently been the victims of a house fire? Do you know someone who is recovering from a recent house fire? If so, consider using a steel-framed metal building for a fire house rebuild. Not only are steel and metal residential buildings typically faster and more affordable than their wood-framed counterparts, when combined with fire-proofing techniques, they also make for some of the most fire- and disaster-resistant homes on the market.

7 Steps for Preparing Your Steel Building Foundation

steel building foundation

A strong foundation is advised for any life endeavor, and steel buildings are no exception. In fact, in addition to providing strength and stability, the foundation also will also help to protect your metal building components from moisture and water damage.


4 Constructions Trends Dominating 2015 (So Far)

steel building

Sure it's good to think outside the box, but being in tune with market trends is a smart idea to ensure your company remains relevant in the modern era, doing all it can to increase profitability and gain the edge over competitors. Heck, it's also a great way to get a sneaky peak at some of the methods and innovations your competitors may be using to get a leg up on you.

Are Communication Breakdowns on Jobsites Costing You?

construction communication

Communication breakdowns can be minimal, like neglecting to tell a project manager that the Port-o-Lets will be cleaned on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. However, miscommunication can also cost your company thousands of dollars and/or your reputation, like when the project manager forgets to tell the contracted crane crew they won't be needed until the following Monday - - until the crane crew is pulling up. The former is one thing, the latter needs to be avoided at all costs (pun intended).

5 Tips for Training New Construction Employees

metal building layers

Let's be honest here; training new employees is a pain in the girts. It's time-consuming, requires the patience of a saint and can slooooooow the working process considerably - which isn't ideal for construction projects dependent on a timeline. On the flip side, not taking the time to adequately train your company's new hires is a huge mistake.

Undertaking Fast-Tracked Construction Projects

Framing Pic (3)

Everyone wants to be a hero, but not at the expense of your company's reputation and brand. Successfully completing a fast track construction project is a great way to gain new clients, develop your reputation as a reliable builder and expand your company's target market. However, fast-tracked projects are risky. One slip-up on your part - or a vendor's part - can jeopardize the project's success.

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