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Lower Your Utility Bills with Metal Roofing

metal roofing

In case you didn’t realize it, asphalt roofs are hot, and not in an attractive way.

Asphalt roof materials have low reflectivity and low emissivity (more about that later). Asphalt is a heavy dense material with a high thermal mass, meaning it takes a long time to heat up…and a long time to cool down. Asphalt absorbs heat which is then transferred to your home or building because it is installed directly onto the structure.

Metal Building Erection: What Equipment Do You Need?

metal building erection

Every construction project has its own individual needs. Each is different and may have special requirements. That being said, below are suggestions for the type of equipment you will need to erect a metal building.

How to Avoid Discrimination Claims against Your Construction Business

discrimination construction business

It can be difficult to distinguish between discriminatory behavior and acceptable behavior if you have been part of a particular culture for a long time. Sometimes it seems like the news is just full of overly sensitive people complaining about things that seem to be minor.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for the Construction Industry

gps construction industry

Safety, efficiency, and revenue: all close the heart of any business. All three are important, with safety elevating to the height of crucial. There is one technology available that can improve all three: Geosynchronous Positioning Satellite, or GPS tracking.


BIM for Construction Site Safety: How to Identify and Prevent Hazards

BIM construction industry

Building Information Management (BIM) is enjoying an accelerated adoption rate in the construction industry, not just because it’s easier to create an accurate visualization of a set of building plans but because it is helping to identify and eliminate construction safety hazards before work even starts.

Construction Risk Management: Protect Your Interests with Construction Contracts

construction risk management construction contracts

Construction can be considered a high-risk industry. There is the risk of bodily injury and fatalities on the jobsite, the risk of financial loss due to negligence, and the risk to your reputation should you become involved in a problematic project.

Recycling Metal: Recovering Construction and Demolition Materials

recycling metal steel

When a building is demolished all most people see is a heap of rubble with dust rising up through the air around it. But smart contractors and owners are starting to see that recovering construction and demolition materials has more benefits than drawbacks.

Will Steel Buildings Rust? Tips for Rust Prevention and Maintenance

steel buildings rust

Will metal buildings rust? They would…if the metal components were left uncoated. Today’s metal building components typically don’t leave manufacturing without at least one type of protective coating to make the surface of each piece rust resistant.

Metal Roof Maintenance: Tips to Make It Last a Lifetime

metal roofing

Metal roofing is incredibly durable but it isn’t indestructible. Exposed as it is to the elements, it can weather and age. Some components will not last as long as others and sometimes things just happen, like softball sized hail or 60 mph winds blowing sand across the finish.


Tips for Successful Metal Roof Installation

metal roofing installation

The roof of a steel building, or any building for that matter, provides protection from rain, reflects solar radiation, and is part of the aesthetic of the structure. How it is shaped can depend on anything from regional custom to regional weather. When the wind comes up and the hail comes down, the roof is the part of the building that takes the beating.

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